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09-26-2013, 07:38 PM
An artist was found for the job! Thank you!!

Thanks to everybody who took interest in the project!


we are a very small group of people (in Germany) working on a totally new Strategy online game (in a medieval world) that runs in the Web-Browser.

We want to have hand-drawn overview maps additional to the detailed maps.

The maps could be in the style of old maps, roughly as these examples:


Important is that coloring and of course the single elements are rather discreet, so that we could place little icons on the map at run-time that could be easily spotted. Thus said, the last example has the disadvantage, that the names not discreet enough, making it a little troublesome to find little icons. But we also added the example to show, that the maps need not to be of the most elaborate kind to be useful for our project. Semi professional work that is adequate attractive for the viewers is sufficient.

The map can be in raster format, since we will use it only as JPG image in our game.

One map should be in size something about 1200x950 Pixel and containing environment of the size of about 120x95 kilometres (in Miles: ~75x60). This is a rough estimation for now. The environment contained should be mostly mainland with mountains, hills, big forrests, bush land, plains and some lakes. It also should contain some settlements (just suggested, no details) and borders between counties. Also of course streams.

We just want to have one map for now, but when the map is good and the concept is fruitful for the Game (also depending of course on game success), we want to have further (adjacent) maps of surrounding areas, since the full blown game will cover fast map areas.

This could also be a very interesting thing for prospects, since we can give you much freedom in designing new (fantastic) continents.

Time constraint: The first map should be available by End of October 2013. Further maps should be possible to create in roughly 1-3 Weeks each (subject to further negotiation -- we are interested in a continuing business connection), so the workload for one map must not be so high.

Reproduction rights for (commercial) usage in our Web-Based game will be sufficient for us. Also your work will be credited in our game. So you will be free to use the maps in other projects.

If possible, please give us some examples of your previous work, so we can hopefully see, if we fit together. Please also add the amount of money you would ask for one such map, but please take into account that we are a very small group of independent developers, with no big company backing us.

Contact address:
cartokeks.sahnehaube ++ at ++ spamgourmet ++ dot ++ com

We are eager to meet YOU!


09-28-2013, 12:09 AM
Tried emailing you but your email gets kicked back.

09-28-2013, 12:37 AM
We are sorry about that. We got an eMail telling us similar, the reason seamed to have been the attachment size.

The address we gave, was an anti-spam remailer to protect our real eMail address (since online-forums are regularly harvested by spammers). When you sent us a plain mail, we can connect. Or try "strategieneu" and Googles Mail service.

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