View Full Version : [Illustrator] Traveller 5: Kinunir Battlecruiser (reimagined)

09-29-2013, 07:35 PM
The Kinunir class battlecruiser is among the oldest ships in Traveller's canon, and even when it was first designed it broke the rules. I've rebuilt it from the ground up using the ship design rules in Traveller 5, largely ignoring the legacy description. Fuel and void spaces are not shown on this deckplan, although I may update it later with a more complete outline of the entire ship. It's extremely cramped for the official roster of 45 crew and 35 marines. I've left space in this design for 7 officers with staterooms and 36 crew in 3-tier hotracks (3 ratings share each bunk in shifts, so the each of the 4 racks show actually accommodates 9 crew), as well as 30 marines in 2-tier semi-hotbunks (1 shift on, 2 shifts off; officers and NCOs get bunks of their own while the enlisted share). This level of staffing still packs them in pretty tight, so I would imagine longer missions might have a smaller crew and a little more automation on each watch.

Regarding the drives: Traveller maneuver drives are reactionless gravitic devices. In spite of this, the drives are traditionally depicted in the aft compartments and are connected to huge nozzles, but given the description of the technology, that makes very little sense. I have therefore located the drives amidships, where they'll provide increased agility and be better protected from attack. The jump drive runs the entire length of the ship on the central deck in order to better regulate the jump bubble and provide an excuse for engineers to be dashing madly down a long corridor filled with machines that are shooting sparks everywhere. No way does Scotty get so fat on this ship!

Scale is the traditional 1 square = 1.5 meters (conveniently approximate to 5 feet).