View Full Version : Mountains Help

10-01-2013, 12:48 AM

Howdy folks, total newbie here as far as mapping on the computer goes. I have worked hard at this trying to get the mountains right. So bear with me for my novice work.

First off thanks goes to Kjdavies and RobA for their tutorials. I have been working with both of their tutorials and found I like the results of kjdavies tutorial better. Sorry Rob, but it was your tutorial that laid the base work down for my world map.

OK couple of questions, I keep seeing references to something called "artifacting". What is this?

Second question, in the SW portion of the mountains on the map, there is a "ridge", for a lack of a better word, at the base of the mountains that follows the outlines. How does someone remove this ridge? Or is it something that has to be tweaked out? If it needs to be tweaked out, where or how would that tweak work?

Any input would be really helpful and appreciative. So thanks in advance for your help.