View Full Version : [Paid?] Want to commission an electronic/digital map of my already handrawn poster-board map

10-13-2013, 04:04 PM
Hello all. I would like to commission a map to be made.

SUBJECT: This commission is for use on a web-page; not for a hand-rendered piece of physical art.
I have a series of pre-existing poster-board maps of a large part of my fantasy RPG world, "Kearth", that I have created (hand drawn art) for my gaming group.
I desire that these hand drawn maps be electronically & digitally recreated so they can be viewed on line. Perhaps on a web page/site devoted to the world in its entirety.
I figured as a first commission, I would work with my largest view (a map showing a continental view) and go from there.

SCALE: 1 inch = 100 miles

STYLE: I have no style desired except that it be electronically rendered so it can be shown and explored on a web page. I want it in color. As far as examples of styles I admire? Here are some from this website:





Photo 2 of 2 from Maps From Turorial (http://www.cartographersguild.com/members/aledebby-albums-maps++turorial-picture57941-second-map.html)


I really like the style of this one above.





QUALITY & SIZE: Professional, required for web (print would be nice too, but ultimately this is for a website. Final output should be apprx. 40" x 32" (poster size)
(I don't know what "Raster / Vector" means)

TIME CONSTRAINTS: None. Sooner the better.

COPYRIGHT: I want full copyright to the map. I want to have the map rendered to my control such that you have done most of the legwork and I can come in and alter it or label it or evolve it as my imagination continues to work with it. This will be a continuing work in progress as I continue to create and detail out my world. Not sure how that all works out legally but lets talk/negotiate.

Please email me at: