View Full Version : [Paid?] Alsangarnia, I need a better version, already have a basic outline.

10-15-2013, 02:48 AM
So, I tried my hand at making a map, and, I don't think it is terrible, but it really isn't something that I wanted. I can't figure out how to attach the damned thing so I just have it hosted Here (http://imgur.com/PKcMc0J). The bottom Continent is named Syrib, the Top left is named Cronbell and the Far right is named Omir. Also, if you can name oceans, that would be amazing. I have been wracking my brain left and right and have given up to name the oceans. Not my forte dunno why though.

I want it to be realistic, similar to This (http://fantasy-maps.com/wp-content/gallery/world-maps/fantasy_map_by_djekspek_draconspire_tharstelding.j pg). I also would like them to have their names on the continent as well, basically in the same style as the map I have linked.

Quality & Size

I really want a high quality map, and it decently sized, pretty high resolution although, it really doesn't matter TOO much. Anything else is up to you. Raster or vector, I couldn't care less, if I can see my map.

I would love it if you got it within a couple weeks, but that is by ABSOLUTELY no means concrete, I am not working towards anything special, I just want this as a little treat for my players.


I really don't expect to be selling this map, although I am making a Custom system which probably won't ever sell or anything. I would like to use it as many times as I can, other than that I don't care. Although, I would prefer you didn't make money off of it, since I did have the world envisioned in my mind, and I did try to put it to the screen.


(I already get so much spam it really isn't worth me trying to hide my email.)

I am willing to pay, although I would absolutely LOVE it if I didn't but I understand and wouldn't mind paying, as long as it isn't a terribly high price.