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10-17-2013, 07:02 PM
Need two maps for the front of a novel/script. Historical fiction set in Roman Britannia circa 408AD. Please send samples and rates to map@thecombine.net Would start ASAP -- and yes this is a paid job!


Project Scope:
Front matter maps for a historical fiction novel and script. Looking for an old school, hand drawn look, something that is clear, legible, but also could be from 408 AD.

Roman Britannia, Hadrian's Wall, 408 AD.

Design Concept:
MAP 1: A map of England circa 408 AD showing the major cities and Hadrian's wall, as well as some of the barbarian territories to the north. We have some public domain maps that could serve as a template.

MAP 2: A detailed close up of a WALL fort, the Briton town around it, as well as the land to the north and a PICT/CELT settlements. This map should be clear, concise, but represent more 3D renderings of some of the specific settings. The scale would be a bit skewed, more to give an overview of the places relative to each other.

Number of maps:
One of Roman Briton
One more detailed map of a closer section

300 dpi minimum. Jpg, tiff, or png files
8.5 x 11 for script, scalable for novel
Black and White (hand drawn or that look preferred)

We would need exclusive copyright.

Would want by mid-November if not sooner

$1000, half on commencement, half on delivery of final files.

Phil Flores
Please use subject line MAP JOB

10-17-2013, 07:37 PM
I would like to aply for this Job.
In the Past I did several historical maps from different era.