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10-22-2013, 08:01 PM
I am writing a fantasy setting for use with my private tabletop roleplaying group. It's completely from the ground up and while I have much of the culture/people/mechanical content done, I have not done anything with the geographic layout/land mass development. I am looking for someone who can work with me to develop both a "world map" (a single continent) and also several smaller "localized" sub-maps. This process will need to be collaborative and ideally the artist would have worked with or done some world-building in the past.

Please send me an email (contact below) to discuss rates. Payment will be via PayPal on a per map basis. I am open to paying a portion of the commission (no more than 25%) upfront, and then the remainder at the completion.

As I mentioned it will be a single continent, roughly the size of China + Mongolia, that is divided into several sub regions, much of this area is wilderness with pockets of civilization.

I am open to style, but I tend to gravitate toward more detailed maps, like those that come as part of commercial boxed steps. A good example would be the maps from the D&D Eberron campaign setting. (see:http://bit.ly/16reJug)

Professional / Semi-Profesional
Size: ~4000px X 3000px

Time Constraints
I'd like to have a rough (rough draft) within 30 days. Negotiable after that. This will ideally being an ongoing relationship as the need for more maps comes up.

I would like reproduction rights for commercial use (should the need ever arise), but the artist will retain the ability to display the works for uses that are not explicitly for commercial profit (for example they can display it as part of a portfolio)

Contact Details
Please email me at mmckee82--at--gmail.com (remove the -- and convert "at" to @) with subject "Cartography Project -- [Your Name]"