View Full Version : [Unpaid] Inspiring game developer needs city map

10-28-2013, 10:38 PM
I am looking for someone to create me a CHEAP city map it doesn't have to be overly big because well my game isn't going to be that big. This is going to be a main city map of a town called Theodore. I want it to have a main castle road networks to random houses, a blacksmithing section, alchemy section, tailor section, a general store. I just want it to look nice, with good road networks. Think of it as what you would want to see in a high fantasy RPG style game and do that. Only needs to have one main entrance. Something simple that looks decent and effective. My contact information is dejong_mathew@hotmail.com

As this game is going to be a learning curve for me, it won't have any profit to be made off. Although I will make a portfolio and give a mention in the game and a copy of the game, plus let you name some items that will be placed in the game, monsters or characters (your choice). Though I am having lots of troubles with doing this, I have made a world map and will attach it here so you can get an aspect of what the actual world will look like when the game is actually finished