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The Frozen
10-31-2013, 06:49 PM
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am afraid, this text will become a bit longer, but I am not able to shorten it. So, if you, dear reader, prefer to just have the essentials: my name is Dirk, I am almost 43 years of age and I come from Germany.

I am the head of a 16 man team set up as a company (7DN LLC) and we are about to create a computer game which hopefully will come up as WoW did, then.
I was searching for inspiration on the allocation of the continents happen to be in our world. So I used google once again and finally stumbled upon here, mainly because I saw a few maps (Max' and Viking's) which really just took my breath.
I consider myself an artist, because I do artwork as well as coding. Artwork here means concept 2D drawings as well as full 3D modelling. As for an artist, I would like to state, that I NEVER steal artwork or even the ideas from you.
If I find your work needs to be in the game, I will discuss that with you.

I decided to register here, as I also love to see people create things besides the mainstream. And I appreciate the eyecandy you deliver.

If you are interested, I will post my maps, but, unfortunately, they are aligned to the needs and use of a computer game. That means, after all, your maps here are far more realistic!

For now, I hope for goos conversations and input, I will share my opinons if they are welcome.

thank you for reading this and even more for sharing your outstanding work


11-03-2013, 10:48 PM
Welcome to the Guild The Frozen! You should certainly post up your work. It doesn't have to be realistic. At any rate, hope you enjoy your stay.