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The islands of Yattaga form the most far-removed Sultanate in the Kaspari Empire. The rule of the Caliph almost never reaches the islands - mamluks only appear on the islands every few years or so demanding tribute. Otherwise, the island chain rules itself and keeps itself out of external affairs as best as it can.

The islands are dominated by mountain ridges rising abruptly from the sea. So steep are the slopes that, in some areas, scraggly vegetation can barely cling to rocky cliffs that plunge precipitously straight into the sea. Low but very jagged peaks mark the islands, while narrow strands of beaches around the islands are thickly covered with plantains, coconut, and oil palms, cultivated in many places by the islanders. The steep slopes of the mountains, home to wandering flocks of wild goats, are jagged outcroppings of dry rock and twisted scrub.

Kasufuh and Dariloh are the only islands of the chain that are settled by "enlightened" Kasparis, and then only along the coasts. The other islands, including Beyum, Gavi, Jurdos, and Siyaka, are populated by the Y'misgul, cannibal tribesmen that are constantly waging war with one another.

The capital of the Sultanate is Dayau, located on Kasufuh.


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Very interesting (and mountainous!) map!

But you really should do something about the sea texture. The repeating pattern rather destroys the idea of it being a real map.

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Yeah, the sea texture is too obviously repeating. Otherwise I think it's looking really good! The mountains and land textures are great, and I like the labeling, both the names and font. A composition suggestion: move the title to the upper left and put the Parlanic Sea label in the center of the island group, and crop away the empty sea at the bottom – I think that'd make a more coherent picture. And maybe put in latitudes and longitudes, to help fill out the sea?

Edit: Sorry, didn't realize this was in the Finished section! But yeah, if you feel like working some more on it, the above is what I'd do, otherwise it might be something to consider in your next map – or not :P