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11-06-2013, 08:18 AM
Hey, so I'm going to write a few novels and I feel maps are essential to make the story more authentic. Or simply so the reader can imagine the world and situations the characters are in. I'm hoping to establish a partnership with a cartographer who I can rely on for future requests also.

I have a rough sketch. I'll just take pics with my phone and send it since its a bit too big for a scanner.
The size is maybe a bit bigger then the UK, I'm not good with distances so the final say will be the cartographers.The times are rough but a revolutionary cartographer has set foot into the lands so the maps have become really good in this world! :D

Old school fantasy(tolkienish). Accurate but not too accurate like it would have been made by an exceptional cartographer of the time.(what I mean is we would be in contact when the cartographer feels it's necessary to get my opinion on anything.) Placing of rivers, mountains and forests so we can decide where battles could be held etc.

[Quality & size]
-I guess it doesnt matter if it's professional or semi professional I just wish the final product would be something to have great pride in.
-Front matter for a novel, I'm guessing it can be scaled later... But if not please contact me if you need details.

[Time constraints]
None. But the sooner you contact me and we can work out how we want to work on this project the sooner we can get started.

-I would like exclusive rights since I'm planning to use it in my novel(, and if the world becomes a franchise), but I also feel you should be able to use it, as it's your creation. But I have no Idea how this works yet... So this is something we will work on immediately after i have accepted you as my cartographer and we have decided upon some sort of payment.

Since I'm a student at the moment my money situation isn't the best but I will pay a negotiated fee upon completion of the project. This is why I didn't put a time limit on it. When you complete a part of it I'll pay a part of the fee we agreed upon depending on how much is done and when it's completed I'll pay the rest. Budget will be around 100-600(i can convert to any kind of money that's to your liking).
-Budget is more if you are super good and we work well together etc etc nothings set to stone and this is something both of us have to agree upon. this will also create a partnership and I will contact you in 5-10 years if we work well together so we can create a much bigger world which i definitely will pay much much more. But since writing is still a hobby to me and I might not get published in a loooooooong time this is my situation.

Alexander Tyni
use as subject "Application for Mapping" for the mail.

when you first contact me please put in some of your previous works, after that I will contact you again and we can start working on terms and how you would like to work on this project. When terms are agreed upon we can start working. The sketches are seriously rough (nothings there only outlines and they are not set in stone either) but i have some ideas that ill include when you want the sketches. if you want the sketches before we agree on terms ill send them.

Thank you for reading I hope to I'll be able to see some nice maps and find a cartographer who would like to be part of creating my world. For any details on anything feel free to ask in the first email.

11-06-2013, 09:14 AM
Sooo I've already gotten a few applications so I decided that I'll wait till the end of the week to review your works. Best luck to all.

Alexander Tyni

11-24-2013, 04:37 PM
The cartographer has been chosen. Thank you for applying if you did.