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Nedim Can
11-08-2013, 03:27 PM

Hello, everyone. My name is Nedim Can. :) First, I do not know English. I made a map of the town.The town name is ''Liref''.

The program name is, Worldbuilder. ( In The Battle for Middle-Earth 1-2)

11-08-2013, 06:18 PM
Looks good! I like the 3-D work. Good job!

Nedim Can
11-09-2013, 03:58 AM
Looks good! I like the 3-D work. Good job!

Thank you, Endry. :) I will add new maps.

02-25-2014, 06:27 PM
Familiar with Worldbuilder, it is a good tool. You might also want to check out googles sketchup, which has a library of 3D assets you can also use for reference. Nice looking scenes, especially in 3D.

02-25-2014, 06:41 PM
Nice. I like how you laid the town out! Good work so far.