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11-12-2013, 07:43 PM
Hey there guys!
So after being absent for some months, Im back with mapping.
For this challenge Ill try to challenge myself and make two kind of things I never did before:

1 - Political Map: I love political maps for their simplicity, but at the same time I find them challenging, because if you make them much simple, theyŽll become boring and uninteresting. (For this part I take heavy influence on DA 1 blomma and his awesome tutorial, but with tweaks of my own (1Blomma on deviantART (http://1blomma.deviantart.com/) ))

2 - Planet Manipulation: After the political map, IŽll try the other thing I never did, that is creating planets, with textures and effects.

Like this:

Hope you enjoy, and please DO give your opinion!

### Latest WIP ###

11-13-2013, 04:42 PM
I really like the style of this. Good to see you back and mapping. :)

11-16-2013, 04:59 AM
Lovely style! This'll be fun to follow :)

11-16-2013, 07:41 AM
Looks fantastic, just like an atlas :P

11-16-2013, 10:14 PM
### Latest WIP ###

11-16-2013, 10:47 PM
The finished nations look amazing. Great work.

11-16-2013, 10:52 PM
Yeah, as M-V said, great work.

Did you brainstorm all of the names or did you use a name-generator?

11-17-2013, 02:10 AM
It's graphically quite nice, but you really need to think about putting it on a globe from the start or you end up with an utter mess when you try to reproject it. Your best bet is probably to reproject first, then apply all the fancy textures and labels, and make all the lines a consistent width again. You've also dropped 30 degrees of longitude somewhere, and the 85th parallel north is missing.

This is what your map looks like on an actual globe: Carbus - Valtor Homeworld (http://draconic.ca/~smithkm/cesium/valtor.html)

11-17-2013, 09:41 AM
THanks for the support guys!

@foremost I brainstormed then, and asked my girlfriend to give some idea too!

@Hai Etlik I used G Projector before I started creating the political borders. My idea is to create a map that represents that, and other with a realistc feel to it, using textures, and stuff just like I mentioned on the first post. But thanks for the tips on longitude, parallel and these site with my map! Great stuff!

11-18-2013, 06:53 PM
Hey guys, new update! I tried a new technique for the mountains, Im not 100% sure about it. What you guys think? Is it too much?

### Latest WIP ###

11-18-2013, 08:25 PM
I was on the fence for a minute, but I think I like it compared to the last draft.

11-19-2013, 03:43 AM
I think it's hard to make out the depth.

11-20-2013, 01:15 PM
I can't really tell where the mountains are, but besides that, the maps looks great, good job.

11-24-2013, 10:38 PM
Hey there guys! Decided to start working on the general layout. Having some hard tiem finding the right borders, font and other stuff, but Im quite satisfied with it.
Still have to finish the label of the map, and also try to generate a better terrain for the global view! Also trying to work on my grammar and vocabulary for the layout xD
Hope you like!

### Latest WIP ###

11-27-2013, 11:06 PM
This is really beautiful! I love the muted colours, and the whole layout and presentation looks fantastic! :)

11-28-2013, 02:13 PM
I agree this looks fantastic. If I had one nitpic it's that the detail on the globes is not very clear. One thing that might help is to overlay a layer that traces the contours of each landmass. Otherwise fantastic.


- Max -
11-28-2013, 03:30 PM
This is great Carbus! My vote is already yours for sure! Though I agree with Arsheesh about outlines of the globe maps that really need to be refined.

11-28-2013, 07:59 PM
Hey there guys thank you for the feedback!
About the outlines, I was using a low res map, and also the lines were getting messed up, i think it looks better now! Also changed the position of the globes, I just couldnt find the right spot for everthing, but I think it looks better know.
Still need to complete the infos of the planet, finish the nations, and add a better title!
@Max I wish I knew how to make borders like you man! :(

### Latest WIP ###

- Max -
11-29-2013, 11:44 AM
Come on, the border on this one is just great, and the overall color tones aswell, I really like the dedication you put on this map :)

11-30-2013, 10:55 AM
Hey guys, at least I finished it!
For me it was great, It was my first world map, as also my first political map, and even got to play with heralds and stuff. The most boring part was the Tagging, I guess I put on this around 20 hours of work, and I would say 15 of it were naming, and etc. But Im quite satisfied the way it turned out. Hope you enjoy!

### Latest WIP ###

High Res of the actual map, if anyone is interested! :D

- Max -
11-30-2013, 01:29 PM
That's a great job Carbus! You might want to check the third globe map, where the circled border is overlapping the title layer ;)