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11-14-2013, 03:06 AM
Good day! My name is Daniel and I just found this website looking to commission one map. This is my first time requesting a formal art commission (all the work I have done with artists so far have been with friends of mine, so please be patient with me).

Necromancer, The Fight For Life
My project is for a Pokemon style monster-collecting, training and battling game, set in a world inhabited almost totally by necromancers, so all the pets/minions are familiar undead creatures (skeleton, zombie, mummy, wraith e.t.c). The simplest way to think of it is as Pokemon re-skinned for necromancers, so instead of wild Pokemon and Pokemon trainers being everywhere, there are wild undead and rival necromancers everywhere. Turn based RPG battles, dark setting, heavy story, love and loss, all that good stuff.
More info at my website here- http://www.necromancergame.com/


Initially I am seeking one large cartography map of a fantasy world, Tolkien-style, containing two large landmasses. I am creating an RPG, novel and card game all based in the same fantasy world and need this for marketing and general fluff, and hopefully eventually an integral part of the book and game.

Paid Work-
Looking for estimates, have no fixed budget in mind.

Fantasy (Tolkien-esque but only human inhabitants), variety of landforms including plains, mountains, tundra, deserts and forests, but nothing un-Earthly. The map will include cities and city names.
My website has very basic layouts- http://www.necromancergame.com/concept/world/world.html
Each building color symbolizes a settlement belonging to a different faction, so hopefully the faction crests (total of five) can be included somewhere on the map as extra flavor.

Similar in scale to this map (multiplied by 2, as each of the two landmasses will be roughly this size and have this many settlements-

with the old-world style, coloring and detail similar to this map-

However I will likely want a second map with gentle faction coloring as this one has-

Quality & Size-
For print I would like it 8x12 inches, I am not well educated about resolutions and technical aspects of digital art so I would need some guidance about this. But it is important to be able to see the settlement names very clearly as an indication of detail and resolution.

Time Constraints-
No hurry at all, feel free to take several months (hopefully this might lower the price a little too).

I will be using the map in a novel, in a video game, website, promotional material, and card game manual, so I will require commercial rights. However the artist can use it for their portfolio and exhibitions (just not commercial gain unless agreed upon together).

Contact Details-
email- danielbishop56@gmail.com
website- www.necromancergame.com
Or feel free to respond below.

Thank you for reading, please ask questions as I am sure I have probably left a lot out. I really love working with artists and creative people, and would enjoy working with someone who takes a lot of initiative and their own direction.
For example, right now the two landmasses are clearly based on Africa and South America, just flipped and rotated to resemble a ying-yang symbol. So I would like someone who would feel comfortable giving it a little more originality and flavor beyond my initial concept.