View Full Version : Lusitania - First Map [Critique Wanted!]

Tyler Carrigan
11-15-2013, 01:25 AM
Hello everyone, in case the number one next to my number of posts wasn't enough, I am new to the mapping community, and wanted to get some experience under my belt before I try making one for the game I plan on DM'ing. This is my very first map, which was done by the books completely following Ascension's Atlas-style map tutorial, converted to GIMP by Gidde, as well as using Arsheesh's Photo-realistic trees tutorial and the GIMP conversion by RobA for the naturalized coastlines found here: Old Guy Gaming - Realistic Coastlines Revisited (http://oldguygaming.com/realistic-coastlines-revisited). I know people may typically try to be nice when critiquing an individuals' first anything, but for myself, I would like for the map to basically be torn to shreds under your more experienced eyes. I can roll with the punches no problem :) Any area's I can improve in, which I am sure there are many, and starting points to jump off from are more than welcome. Thank you all ahead of time! :compass:

11-20-2013, 03:11 PM
looks great to me. Just need to add the city/place names and I'd say it's ready to rock. You even have the water depth areas depicted. Fantastic first attempt, in my humble opinion.

11-20-2013, 04:47 PM
Very nice, I like the terrain shading. Personally, I prefer rougher looking coasts and I would expect the natural bay-like areas to have more erosion if you're going for a realistic look (think of the Mediterranean coastline).

11-21-2013, 10:54 AM
Welcome to the guild!

As for critique, I'd say that's rather a question of what you're aiming for. If you want something functional, this might as well do (and it does that well!). Just, as mentioned above, fill in some borders, labels, towns and such and you're there.

If you want something that's also good looking... well, that's a wide open field. IMHO this map is too pixel-y for my taste, so you might want to aim for a higher resolution. So, here are some questions that aou might want to consider for your map:

What's the scale?
Quite important in regards to functionality and resolution. Also, if the scale is a world map sized one, your forests on the two continents cover areas the size of a country or maybe even larger! ;)

What style are you looking for? Realistic, artsy, handdrawn, b/w, etc.
I used the Atlas style for my first mapping attempt, too, because I wanted a naturalistic top down view world map. Turned out I was really looking for something different and MUCH more complicated (if you're a newby to drawing). Maybe a more unrealistic look would be more functional for rpg.

If it takes time for people to answer your thread, don't worry. The people here are great, just be patient!

Tyler Carrigan
11-25-2013, 07:18 PM
Thank you for the feedback. :) I agree that this map is rather pixely, I'm attributing this to my general lack of experience and unfamiliarity with my tools and getting them to do as I want.

As far as scale, my ideal final "map" would be a series of pole-to-pole maps that can be stitched together with relative ease, allowing for easy expansion. For this map, I actually do have a country layer for this map, but I decided to upload the map without the layer visible, so that the look of the map itself could be scrutinized.

Stylistically, I just would like it to look..nice haha. Looking natural, and not just thrown together is an important goal for me. Somewhere between Atlas and hand-drawn, but not so detailed that details couldn't be added later as desired.

And I'm not worried about time, as long as I have can come back after a planned 2 year hiatus and not be rejected from inactivity ;)