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Marc Wilson
11-19-2013, 04:37 PM
Hi Guys, please take a look at the below request. I'm really impressed by the quality of work on this forum and I'm looking forward to any responses. This is a serious request, and I'm well aware how much time and skill goes into making a map.

Project Scope:
A gritty 'Fighting Fantasy' style gamebook series for an upcoming Kickstater project. The finalised product will (hopefully) be realised in both digital and print. Book is written, and mostly illustrated by a talented fantasy artist elshazam. If successful more titles will be published.

A fantasy setting, similar to the 'Warhammer' setting, specifically 'Tilea' (information on google will help to visualise)

Design Concept:
A two page map spread overleaf from cover, to give the reader context in which the adventure takes place. Main features that need to be included will be provided, and I can provide rough sketches of both. Main features will be named in map.

Number of maps:
One urban map of fantasy city setting with immediate environs outside the city walls
One regional map of the surrounding countryside, with main features

300 dpi 2700x1800 pixels preferably tiff format
Full color

Remains with cartographer.
Publisher retains right to reproduce the maps in the setting sourcebook and for promotional materials.

Quite aggressive. I would like to include snippets from the maps in my kickstarter, pending launch on Dec 15th. I would certainly like to commission within the next 7 days.

Not huge: $250, payable via Paypal. $200 upon delivery of the final files, $50 upfront to produce a rough copy/sketches, with a decision to advance taken at this stage.
A print copy of the finished book upon publication
An inlay credit
A reasonable prospect of repeat commission should the project work.

Marc Wilson via Cartographer Guild forum thread initially, then break out to email.

11-21-2013, 01:11 PM
This sounds interesting, I've always thought Tilea was one of the most interesting part of the Warhammer world. I'd be up for this if you like my styles. There's a link to my portfolio in my signature, please take a look there! My e-mail address is on the same page, if you find anything you like :)

Marc Wilson
11-22-2013, 12:17 PM
Hi Lingon, thanks for the reply, I'll be sure to take a look over the weekend. Have a good one.