View Full Version : CC3 How do I view my Map Dimensions?

11-28-2013, 02:02 PM
Hullo All,

I have spent many weeks on and off trying to work out the dimensions I originally set my map up with when I started with the map wizard. It was something like height: 18000 and width: 24000 (or double that) - but that is the ratio.

However, nowhere in CC3 can I find where these dimensions are actually stored - it's as if they were never stored anywhere. To make matters worse, when I go to export the map to a PNG or JPG I am given dimensions I by no means would have ever used originally. It's all such a mystery.

I have scoured the web and this forum and Pro Fantasy's forum and re-read the help manual. I do apologise if this has been asked & answered before or is indeed in the user manual - I could not find it!

Any help / advice most appreciated :)