View Full Version : November/December 2013 Lite Challenge: Beyond the Pale Masque of Death

12-01-2013, 08:55 PM
Been a while since I put something up here, so I figured I'd throw my proverbial hat into the ring.
We'll see if I have time to finish it.
Below is a map describing 7 nations and their colonies in the "New World." The southernmost country fell to virulent plague several centuries ago, before the "Age of Exploration." It was re-civilized within the last century, and now explorers & colonists are sailing around it's ominous shores to the Land Undiscovered. It is a time of adventure, excitement, and excess at the expense of the natives. Welcome to the colonies!
### LATEST WIP ###
I have numerous layers I am playing with as I add information and try to decide how much to include and how to draw it.