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12-17-2013, 05:42 AM
Not a lot of time but I just can't let this challenge slip by, I'll be back to update the map with the story as soon as I'm able.


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12-17-2013, 08:29 AM
Great map KenG! Love all the different corpses, are they objects you could post separately?

12-19-2013, 09:09 PM
Bogie, Sorry I don't have the rights to post them as elements, most are CC3.

So I've been reworking on the map, the basic layout is the same but I'm trying to push myself and my ability in CC3 to do some neat things. I'm making decent progress but still have a ways to go.

I would like a bit of help though. I'm trying to but some detail on the crypt openings and I'm not sure which one looks better.
I have a couple of designs you can see in the post.
The solid wall that it was in the original.
A opening with small pillars at each end
Closed in with a narrow wall and pillars at each end
A straight arch with a cap stone in the center
And a narrow arch

Thoughts ideas suggestions?
Thanks KenG

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12-19-2013, 09:47 PM
So here is the overall map.

Thanks for looking


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12-19-2013, 11:24 PM
At this resolution, the 2 lower ones, the arches, don't really look different unless you really look closely. For them to work you need a much higher resolution-larger size or the arch needs to be a different color or texture. The narrow wall with pillars suffers from the same problem, though not as much. The only one that stands out is the opening.
My preference would be Narrow Wall with pillars, but with the narrow wall a different color. Then, if it is supposed to be a secret door, you leave the wall color the same as the regular walls.

Those dang copyright laws, always getting in my way...;) Thanks anyway.

12-24-2013, 07:08 AM
I was able to do some work on the crypt openings thanks for the advice Bogie.
The layout is basically done, I'm going to look around for some more fitting fills and symbols, add a border and the map is pretty well complete.
I am pretty happy with how all of the arches and the special door frames came out, they are a bit of work to make in CC3.

The basic story is that the players break into the crypts to open up a secret passage to the kings treasury, however the hook is that the king is breaking into the crypts at the same time.
Not a lot of time left for this challenge but if you see something you like or hate please let me know.
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Cunning Cartographer
12-26-2013, 08:42 PM
Really liking the general flow of this dungeon (would love more details on the individual rooms to see how you tackled the 5 room approach). Not really much to to say about this one other than it looks like it would be a very interesting mini-dungeon, interesting looking rooms for sure. My one piece of advice would be to avoid always going for straight corridors and squared rooms. A nice curve in a wall, or diagonal corridor really helps break up the diagram feel maps can sometimes get, but that's just nit picking.

Good job.

12-28-2013, 02:00 PM
Thanks for the feedback Yospeck, and just for you, I've modified the temple room, adding a bit of curve.
Text should be up shortly.

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Cunning Cartographer
12-28-2013, 08:49 PM
Thumbs up from me! :D

01-01-2014, 09:46 AM
Happy New Year!!!

Here is the finalized map for this challenge, I wanted to do more with it and the adventure but ran out of time.

Hope you enjoy it and comments are welcome

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01-01-2014, 09:46 AM

The Theft of King Ranier’s Treasure Vault

New in town but your reputation well established your party was contacted on their very first evening in town to undertake a job of low risk and extreme profit potential. The job is to break into the crypts of the temple of the Priest of Anul, and find the burial place of a former gold merchant Jacob Gallsmatter.
Through the back wall of his crypt is a secret treasure vault filled with untold riches and the Midas Orb a fabled stone that could change any item into gold. The characters are to steal the Midas Orb for the employers any other treasure found in the vault would be payment for the job. The Priests of Anul are known for their passiveness and aversion to violence so the risk to life and limb should be low. (All priests of Anul wear very dark blue robes take on a new name based on their greatest sin before entering the order.)

1. Temple - Entrance guardian – To steal from the temple would be cultural taboo.
Descending a flight of steps in the temple complex the players hear chanting echoing up the stairway. The stairs open up and they are greeted by a temple structure. Great pillars rise 20 feet to support the domed ceiling, the floors are mosaics green tiles and alcoves with horrific statues line the walls. Across the expanse is tiered rises with a marble altar, with two golden doors on either flank. 2d10 priests sit on the floor meditating and chanting towards the altar. Player must work through this room to get to their goal, no matter what time of day or night it is there are always priests praying and meditating. The common priests will ignore anyone who comes in and starts praying or who exits out the West door towards the common room. If the players go through the East door a priest will leave to raise the alarm with the head priest. All the priests in this room will be under the vow of silence. If the players communicate to the priests that they wish to gain entrance to the crypt for any plausible reason the priests will attempt to shepherd them to the head priest Greed or bring him to the party at the door. The gold door to the crypt is not locked.

2. Dorm room –Role Playing
In this dorm room are 8 beds, a common table and a stove. There are normally 2d4 priests here and this is where Head Priest Greed is located. The head priest is the only one of the priests who is not under a vow of silence and is the one who can give access to the crypts. Around the neck of the head priest are two large golden keys, one key will open the Lich vaults chamber and the other the crypt portcullis. Greed is very relaxed and pragmatic, he knows the guardians of the crypt will not allow any evil to enter the crypt and that people wish to visit the dead for a number of reasons so any plausible reason will be allowed. Donations are expected and if not offered the head priest will be more direct in putting out his hand. When donations are given he hand them and the key to another priest who is working in the kitchen on a mass of dirty dishes, stating “Pride, after you have completed your duties, take these to the vault my son”.
He will then hand the key to the crypt to another priest. He will say to the players, “Brother Envy will lead you to the crypts”, he warns “They are protected so take no evil with you”. If the players attack the priest they will do whatever the players demand with the exception of taking them in to the Lich’s Vault or entering the crypts.

3. Crypt – Big Battle
The crypt is entered through a large gate made of iron and decorated with intricate runes. Greed has the only key capable of opening the gate. Father Pride will lead the players to the gate and open it for them. He will not enter the crypts, he will keep the gate open and await their return. He will ignore detailed questions only answer the most basic with nod or a subtle motion.
The ceiling is 12 foot high with 3 burial alcoves stacked on one another, there is room for hundreds. The openings for the interred are made of un mortared brick covered with plaster, on each of the closures is a painted name of the deceased. Torches line the walls and statues matching the figures from the temple room are in each of the corners.
The statues are golems who are programed to attack evil. If an evil creature or character comes within 30 feet of a golem it will animate and attack the evil. These are the guardians of the crypt intended to stop any of the crypt occupants from reanimating. The runes on the gate are the protection spells that will withstand all direct or magical attacks made by an evil aligned creature. At the first sign of trouble he will shut and lock the gate and flee to the temple. If the Lich is released the corpuses will be reanimated for the big battle.
4. King Rainer’s Treasure Vault – Red Herring
Breaking through the back wall of Jacob Gallsmatter tomb the characters see a highly ornate and decorated room, all walls and pillars are covered in gold leaf. In the center of the room is a small stand with a gold stone sitting on a purple pillow, curtains line West wall and a golden door is set in the Eastern wall. Covering the floors are a mess of chests with gold coins and jewels flowing from them. This is in fact a trap, the vault connected to King Ranier castle. King Ranier has fallen on hard times and has created an elaborate hoax in which to fill his coffers and get rid of troublesome members of the Church of Anul at the same time. The players have been set up to take the fall. The Midas Orb is a gold painted rock, the treasure is all fake.
As the players are inspecting the room or gathering up the loot they may notice one of the curtains moving. Upon inspection they see a crudely fashioned tunnel that opens into another room.
5. Lich Vault Plot Twist - The containment room for the Lich King Xinlant.
In this chamber is contained the remains of the Lich King Xinlant that the brotherhood defeated 500 years earlier and has kept isolated and secured with ancient and powerful binding spells. There is a large protection circle surrounding a stone platform on which a mummified figure lies. The figure is covered in gold adornments, jewelry and gems. (These are real and vastly valuable) candles dimming light the chamber and a large golden book can be seen shadowing the figure outside of the protective circle.
The players see two shadowy figures behind the book reaching for it.
Simultaneously the following things happen, The doorway opposite the tunnel opens, the shadow figure touches and lifts the book. From the hallway a scream from Pride is heard, “No you must not move the book.” The startled thief drops the golden book and the Lich starts to rise laughing.
The two figures are the guardsmen who have been hired to clean out the treasure vault before the players arrive, they are just finishing up and didn’t know what they were really doing. They have not broken the circle and so at least the Lich King cannot leave the room however he does have some powers. If the players break the circle the Lich will be released. The guardsmen attempt to flee past the players into the King Rainer’s vault and bang on the door for escape. I players can attempt to follow them into the castle where the guards will attempt to capture them and frame them. If the players attempt to escape through the crypt they will notice that the statues have animated and are in battles with the reanimated corpuses. The corpuses will be coming alive from all quarters and attacking the players who must fashion an escape. If they stay and try to work with Priest Greed to defeat the Lich they will be caught up in the feud between the King and the Priests of Anul who he will blame for the theft of his treasure.