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12-19-2013, 06:08 AM
Hey everyone!

This is not an actual WIP-thread, but I think it should fit in this category.

I have basically settled on three different styles for my wolrd mapping now. I plan on three "Zooms", the first one being the overall worldmap or a continent. Second would be a kingdom, or part of the continent ranging somewhere from 1000 x 800 km. The third will be quite local, with a maximum size of about 500 x 500 km, most likely less.

I am starting this particular thread to have one thread to update the general process of ALL my mapping antics. Of course if I make specific progress on the individual maps I'll be posting that in the appropriate threads. This will be for general updates, e.g. which parts of the world have bee covered with what kind of maps yet etc.

So, the first "zoomfactor" is of course this one:


That would be the general political mapping out. There will probably also be a rough geographical version, maybe in the Atlas-style. We'll see.
The individual continents will also be in this style.

The second Zoom:


This style is still very much in development. I'm looking to keeping it clear and functional.

And the third one will be this one:


This is the most fun one for me, actually, but also the most challenging. The above map is, as the observant reader might have noticed, about the same area as the one before. I feel the scale is too big for that style. There is a general overload of detail. So I will put this style to use in the more localized maps in the future, as mentioned above.

Have a nice holiday, whatever you're celebrating! ;)

Edit: I picked a wrong file for the third style at first, but somehow it appears as an attachement. Please disregard it.