View Full Version : Very new to mapping

12-19-2013, 05:48 PM
Hello all. :) My name is Cubby4ever, and I am extremely new to mapping. I use Campaign Cartographer 3, but the leaning curve for me is a bit steep. I run an off site roleplay that I am trying to produce quality maps for. It's a bit slow though, especially with indoor maps. I am hoping to hire someone to help me with my project, as I'm not good enough to produce quality results.

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself. Wish me luck everyone. :)

12-23-2013, 10:51 PM
Welcome to the guild! Please believe me - "not good enough" is a temporary condition :-). Poke around in the tutorials and you'll find several pitched at artistically impaired mapmakers.

Quickest way to gain experience and approach excellence, is to put up a WIP (Work in Progress) thread, and practice in public. Honest - we're a gentle bunch of critics - in the best sense of that term. And good luck!