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12-31-2013, 02:29 PM
Silly day to do this,

### Latest WIP ###

Crypt with guard monsters on the lower level. Upper level is already looted by goblins.
I don't know much about non-video games, but I like video game mockups, so I aimed for that.

Now that I have time for it, some thoughts I had making this:

* 3d and rubble:
It might've be good to have a very close correspondence between holes/cracks and rubble - so that the viewer could place every piece of rubble into the part of the walls that it came from. But today being aastavahetus I couldn't tarry much. So does the lack of such correspondence look "off"? I think it shouldn't, because you can always imagine for the 3. dimension to be of such exact shape as to make the visible 2 dimensions make sense - if there's damage in the roof but no rubble below, then the rubble must be on a z-level that is not visible (that is, more towards the "camera" than the "slice" is); and the other way round. So is this reason immediately obvious to the viewer, and once he has acknowledged the idea, will it come to influence his intuition in such a way that the lack of correspondence between rubble and holes will not look "off"? I think it works for me, as difficult as it is to put myself in an unfamiliar viewer's place. Same goes for lights and shadows.

* expectations for the shapes of rooms in the 3. dimension:
I think the viewer will expect the half-circle shaped ceilings to be domes and the circle-shaped room to be a sphere - because those are both more familiar architectural features than cylinders, and they would mean symmetry between the horizontal and the third dimension. But making good domes with unnoisy texture is expensive. The best solution would be to do it in 3d software - but I don't need 3d software for anything else, so I'd rather not clutter my pipeline up with such a dependence. I could just distort an image into a dome side view shape - but the lossiness would be horrifying. Then I could just manually attempt to draw along the distortion - but this takes effort and gives me a very unpleasant feeling - that I'm like a caveman skillfully opening tin cans with a sharpened piece of rock in full view of a can opener (3d software) - that my effort is incredibly inefficient and pretty much wasted. Which brings me back to 3d software, which I won't involve for pipeline complication reasons.

Tools/assets: Photoshop, PD parchment textures from these forums, yanonekaffesatz font. Took 2-3 days.

12-31-2013, 11:45 PM
Very interesting. Cool last minute entry!

Cunning Cartographer
01-01-2014, 10:32 AM
Would love to know the details of the rooms, and some close up to see the detail would be great (quite hard to work out what the things in room 4 and 5 are)

01-01-2014, 10:55 AM
Very interesting. Cool last minute entry!
thank you

Would love to know the details of the rooms, and some close up to see the detail would be great (quite hard to work out what the things in room 4 and 5 are)
There's no close-up; 4 has a coffin, writings on the wall, a giant sculpture of the face of the dead and a small monster; 5 has a coffin, a giant sculpture of the face of the dead, gold cups, a sword and a big monster.

01-02-2014, 01:04 AM
A lovely style you have.