View Full Version : [Unpaid] I am writing a book (sorta) and need some maps

01-02-2014, 12:28 AM
First tanks for taking the time to even looking at this request. I am new to, literally anything published.

Project Scope: I have a basic drawing of what I would like but, I would like a better map This would be a large scale project.

Setting: Medieval times, but parallel world that has nothing to do with ours.

Design Concept: I'm trying to get maps of each city and castle that I have included in the world map and I can provide descriptions for each city and castle.

Style: Black and white maps are what I was thinking, nothing too complicated, however if I get some master map maker that is willing to do this for the measly rate I'm offering I won't turn you down. After a quick Google search I have an idea of what I'm looking for:


Number of maps: One over-wold map.
Three Castles, 8 cities, 4 house type things that aren't really describable without large amounts of detail.

Copyright/Payment: I'm not sure how this would work, I don't expect to be finished with this book for several years, and I wouldn't mind to give you a commission around 5% for the first few years after I publish (open to debate). However I need permission to show this map to a verity of people and to reproduce the map as needed.

Deadline: I have none.


Thank you, from what I've seen this is a wonderful community of great map makers.
I will respond to any questions here or via email as soon as I am able.