View Full Version : [Unpaid] Original map for DND/Book world

01-05-2014, 02:35 AM
Hiya! Super new here~

Looking to get some ideas about pricing and art styles for a map made for my DM's campaign. We're currently going to be in the second part of a campaign and I thought it would be pretty neat to have an official map drawn up for it.

In terms of copyright, it would be nice to have full rights as the DM is currently in the process of writing out a series which our campaigns are loosely based off of but we can discuss! For now, it would only be the main continent that we are adventuring on, but additional requests for the full world may be made if it's successful!! I have a rough hand-drawn sketch of the basic layouts currently. (Also, there may be altered versions needed as the multiple storylines take place over several hundred years through the generations and the lands do shift quite drastically!)

I love the Tolkien-y styles, nothing overly cluttered but still artfully done as if hand painted (I'm a sucker for that vintage or watercolored look). I'm really not a fan of the CC3 styles...

Feel free to email me samples of your styles at crystalarivera (at) gmail (dot) com

I eagerly await your responses!!! Thank you!