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01-07-2014, 01:46 AM
I've wanted to do a tech themed map for awhile, and after some false starts and other setbacks, I've come to something I'm ready to share. This world is actually inspired from an original world I made with friends. There was a falling out of sorts, and so I was left with my own pieces. Many of the high fantasy elements I had were seeds for my other world, Valgard. The translation to that was fairly abstract and thematic, whereas THIS map is a much more direct attempt to rebuild the old world with what I had left. In many ways, it is the 'other side' of Valgard. (Not in a story kind of way, but symbolically and thematically). Some names here are just placeholders for the moment. I learned a lot from doing the other map, and I think it really shows here- all thanks to you guys.


A bit of backstory here- hundreds of years ago two extra-planar races "fell" into Nobelis due to the fallout of their war. After the rubble was cleared and the war ended, their knowledge spread through the world leading to a rapid tech boom. Things went from Medieval to Hi-tech in a small amount of time. Fantastic things emerged, like airships. While there are many sci-fi elements here, the aesthetic actually has more of a fantasy twist than anything else. Many have still not let go of their swords entirely. (Think Skies of Arcadia if you've ever played that)

PS- I'm sorry I haven't posted more responses, etc. Some very serious (but ultimately okay) things going on in real life land right now. This is a good distraction =)

01-07-2014, 02:52 AM
Consistently modern looking map, from the colours to the patterns to the fonts used. The drop shadow is a little too deep for my taste though.

Could you try a variant with a little less... or perhaps even try a 3-D extrusion instead of a drop shadow?

01-07-2014, 03:47 PM
I agree. Noted and done, in fact. May have missed a few places, but I can go and clean up fairly easily.