View Full Version : Wake Island

A. Smith
07-23-2008, 10:29 PM
Here is is, in all it's splendor. Added some bumps to the cartouches, as suggested in my WIP thread by Midgardsormr.

Based on the real-life Wake Island and Wake Atoll (the three islands together).

Hope you guys like it!

07-23-2008, 10:37 PM
Spent many an afternoon fighting there in both BF1942 and BF2

A. Smith
07-23-2008, 11:07 PM
So did I... of course, this is before there was a huge-ass airport that takes half the island.

05-31-2011, 11:27 AM
I play BF2 as well and spent most of my time attacking or defending the airport here.

EDIT: BTW, VERY nice job! Repped.