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Timothy A Greene
01-12-2014, 05:55 PM
Hello. I am working on a game and i would like a height map please

I would love to pay you but i would have to do it over time. $50 here and there. The game may or may not use the map at start but if you change a lot it will take time for me to pay you. Also i think any map pro will be able to make what i want quickly.

I need a height map with two large islands a lot like the pic that i linked.


One island will need to me half the size of the other. There will be wooded areas, mountain like area and a lake on the large island. If you make two random islands i bet that it will work.

Scale.. 20x30 map. ( i can scale it up if needed )
Land mass will be about 100 and 50 square kilometers for the islands. 16x8 and 8x8 relative in size.

Gray scale only. I will be using it as a height map in Unity. I don't need you to worry about pixels and all that crap. I will do that. I just need a good looking height map.


I will need reproduction rights and the rights to use it in game. The original copy right can stay with the artist. I don't expect the game to make any amount of money as it is more of a educational project. But if it does i will buy it off of you.

I don't what to go in too much detail about how I want the island to be. I want to leave it up to the artist. If you have some old maps that works.

I still need my 5 post thing. So you can just reply to this and i will get back to you.

01-12-2014, 06:51 PM
I can certainly do the greyscale heightmap if you want.

Timothy A Greene
01-12-2014, 09:53 PM
If it is free then feel free to make it. You can use this forum post as the main source of communication but if you need to email me.


oh and if you would like it when/if the map is used in game i will put your name in the credits. Real name only. but that is up to you.

01-13-2014, 02:47 AM
I believe you should better clarify whether and how much you are inclined to pay, and whether this will be only the first of a set of works or not. I am not a professional and your request is, for now, pretty simple, so I could do the map for free. I am however in principle against giving away for free any right over any work.

Timothy A Greene
01-14-2014, 01:48 AM
I left my idea's open ended as to make it a bit easier on the artist. paying a higher price would mean that i would want it to be much closer to the idea in my head. If you would like me to draw a basic out line of the islands i can. I am more worried about speed then i am how "perfect" it looks.

This is not a set. All i need is the height map. It will be used as the foundation of the game world. It may be changed greatly in Unity. any other maps like ones with icons will be based on the map with in Unity not the height map. The maps will look similar and this could grant a copyright infringement that's why i need the rights at least the right to use its likeness in game any thing past that i dont really care. this is not going to be some hit blockbuster game and if it ever makes any kind of money like that i will be sure to pay what ever for full copyrights. unless full copyrights is with in the above prices.