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01-18-2014, 03:07 AM
Hi everyone! I'm Victoria, also known as the author V. L. Dreyer. I find myself in a bit of a pickle, and I really hope that one of you can help.

The Pickle

My next book, The Survivors Book II: Autumn, is due to hit shelves on the 1st of February, which means that it needs to be at the printers... well, yesterday, pretty much. The problem is, I promised my editominatrix that I'd include a pretty little map in the front of the book this time. I was planning to draw it myself, but I've discovered the hard way that my map-drawing abilities are sub-par at best.

The Solution
I need someone to draw me a pretty map, and fast! Here's what I need:

I have space reserved for a double-page spread. The novel itself is 5" x 8", so two pages that size plus a border.
Vector would be great so I can rescale it, but no biggie if you can't.
On the left side, a simple map of the North Island of New Zealand, with Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, and Palmerston North noted on it.
On the right side, I want a more detailed map of the Waikato region, showing Hamilton, Ohaupo, Te Awamatu, Lake Rototuna, Cambridge, and Arapuni noted.
These are all real places, but because my book is set ten years after a biological disaster has wiped out most of humanity, I want the map to look sort of like it's been hand drawn. Or at least not ripped straight off Google Maps!
It just needs to be black and white. No fancy colours required.
I need it ASAP. Before I have a heart attack. No, seriously. Please pretty please?

What I Offer

My undying gratitude.
Most of my budget has already been blown, but I'm happy to pay around $50. If that's not enough, I may be able to scrape together a bit more. Please make me an offer.
I will allow you to leave a small, discrete signature or URL on the map, linking back to your work. I've sold almost a thousand copies of the first book, so lots of people are likely to see this one!
I will link to your portfolio from my website.
If all goes well, you will probably end up getting more work from me in the future.
If you're into post-apocalyptic fiction, I'm happy to toss in a copy of the books for you.


Obviously, I need reproduction and copyrights to the map so that I can use it in my book.
I am happy to allow you to use the map as part of your portfolio.
I would also like rights to use the map on my website, and also grant you the same courtesy in return.

If you can help me, please contact me ASAP. My email address is info (at) vldreyer.com. I really hope there's someone out there. Heeelp!

- Max -
01-18-2014, 04:50 PM
The price you are willing to offer looks very low considering the ultra short deadline and the rights wanted imho. Also I'm always surprised when writers want to have reproduction rights or copyright assignments since this doesn't make sense and has to be negociated between the artist and the publisher, not between the writer and the artist.

01-18-2014, 06:50 PM
I would have thought that the fact that I mentioned "my budget" would have made it clear that I'm a self-published author, not a traditionally published author. Hence why I don't have a lot to offer - every cent comes out of my own pocket, and I recently lost my job due to a disability. The price I'm offering is coming straight out of my personal food budget. :/

Nevermind, though. I already found someone willing to help. I have no idea how to close this thread, though.

- Max -
01-18-2014, 07:00 PM
No offense intended in my previous post, I can understand that some writers have very low budgets hence I'm surprised some of them think they have to pay to have a copyright assignment when their publisher have to do that. I probably misunderstood when you talked about your editor. Anyway, good to hear you found someone to help you.
PS : a community leader will mark your thread as taken soon.