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01-18-2014, 11:02 AM
This is a battle map commission request. If you are interested please shoot me off an estimated fee through the Web Site Messenger Service. I will consider all bids and then select a Cartographer to perform the work as described below.

Project Scope:

This is a Battle Map for an Advance Research Base in Antarctica named Bolling Advance Base. The era that I need the map to reflect is the 1930’s. It is a rudimentary structure that I have created a basic layout of – see the attached image.


I describe the facility in great detail below including the description of a mutilated body and another man frozen solid. These items do not have to be included on the map. I just wanted to express the atmosphere as best I could so that you could better visualize the scene I am trying to capture.

Description of the Facility:

Bolling is built primarily of wood and houses living facilities, work areas, and storage for food and equipment. Attached to the back of the structure is a Kennel for Sled Dogs. On top of the base is a radio antenna that is lying flat on the roof.

The front door is broken and hanging precariously by its hinges, as if it has been forced open. There is an overwhelming stench that is a combination of rotten meat, bile, blood, and mold. The interior is dimly lit. The generator is working but struggling to provide even partial power. There is no heat though each room has small kerosene stoves but they are unlit.

Every room is in shambles and some of the furniture and equipment are smashed and slashed with frozen splatters of blood. The Antarctic wind whistles through numerous bullet holes in the walls and the broken front door as well as one or two smashed windows.

The front right room contains sleeping accommodations for up to 8 people as each bed in the layout are bunk beds.

The back right room is a pantry/storage room where there is a raised loft area at one end, which is reachable by a small ladder. The loft area is very dark and partially blocked off by a drawn curtain.

The front left room is combination research, office, and infirmary. This room holds scientific equipment for measuring weather and seismic activity as well as basic medical equipment and supplies. On the paper strewn desk sits a radio that has been partially damaged. There is also logbook and notebook on the desk amongst the other scattered papers. On the metal table/bed lies a mutilated body. This body has been dismembered and decapitated. The digestive track has been cut away from the rest and placed under an upturned bucket with a cinder-block placed on top in some kind of attempted to hold the bucket down.
The back left room holds an electrical generator and a large kerosene heater system that when operation provides the majority of the heat to the facility. A duct run extends from the system into the ceiling area to then branch off to the other rooms. The heater has been turned off, drained, and hacked into with an axe. As if someone purposefully tried to sabotage it. In this room a dead man sits on a barrel of kerosene. He is frozen solid. A two handed axe rests at his feet. The man still clutches a shotgun in his cold, dead fingers.

Everything in the facility is frozen solid.


Scale: 1” = 5’

Resolution: 300 dpi

Mode: Adobe RGB 1998 Color Space if possible

Format: Jpeg

Transfer of files: Via email attachment or other method if the file size is to large

Copyright: Remains with cartographer

These maps will not be published or reproduced for commercial gain by me. Thusly they will be for my personal use only. However, I do require written permission to reproduce the maps as needed for my personal use. Also, I would like permission to add in labels as needed.


Sunday February 2nd

Design Process:

Stage 2 – A 50% design development submittal for review – once approved
Stage 3 – A 90% design development submittal for review – once approved
Stage 4 – Final Map


Via Paypal with a 50% earnest payment to start if needed with the balance paid upon delivery and acceptance of the final files.


For now via this thread and the Cartographer’s Guild messenger. Additional contact information will be provided should the project move forward.

01-19-2014, 12:05 PM
Request now taken - no more applicants please. Thank you to those that responded!