View Full Version : Nimian Legends HTML5 RPG

01-19-2014, 05:08 PM
I've been working on something a bit different. This is my map of Nimian legends, the setting for various 'Nimian' flash games I've made over the years. The original version, done with the help of the excellent plugin Leaflet, could be scrolled and zoomed and clicked for more information.

I've expanded it now to include RPG elements - giving you bite-sized adventures in HTML5. I've officially labelled it BETA and am looking for general feedback. I am also considering dropping support for earlier firefox versions that dont support mp3 in order to cut down on the file size (its 40mb!), that way i can keep only the mp3s where now i have mp3 and ogg included. Anyhow please have a look and thanks for sharing all of your great works, they are very inspirational and I'm glad to meet people who also have a fascination with creating worlds.

Website: Http://nimianlegends.com



By the way: Browser support-wise it works fastest in Safari and Chrome, and good in Firefox. It also works on iPad. Phone support isnt implemented yet, and although it works in Internet Explorer ive excluded it until i fix a few IE specific bugs.