View Full Version : [Unpaid] Heightmap request - Kingmaker

Shannon Raisa Louden
01-22-2014, 05:47 PM
My request, while technically unpaid, will result in the end work being given to you for your own use, as well as all the updates.

Basically, what I am requesting, is for someone to make an approximate heightmap of the pathfinder kingmaker campaign map. This is the largest map of the region I could find: http://valhallas.com/FUCMEA.jpg

Ultimate heights are up to you, the artist. I am not a cartographer, I am not a geographer, so I would not be able to provide any information, and I am unsure how much is actually given in the pathfinder modules (which I am unable to go through as I am a player).

Now, my reason for asking:

I want to model the region, in 3ds max, including cities and settlements that we investigate. If anyone is willing to take this project on I will provide you your own copy of the 3ds max file of the terrain, and static images (the same used for the group) from different angles of the terrain, as well as our kingdom as we expand.

I hope someone is willing to take on the project and anyone who does has my eternal gratitude!