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07-27-2008, 03:01 PM
Greetings cartographers :)

I'm currently the project lead on a project for the Warhammer RPG, we are attempting to detail the rich decadent land of Tilea (Based heavily on 1400-1600 Italy) and we're now at the stage where we could do with some maps to detail several of the city states.

The project is entirely fan-produced and there are no plans to release this as a pay to play/read supplement. The project also has a second half which will be detailing the land of Estalia, a sort of feudal Spain shortly after the moors where expelled.

At the moment we are after 3 city maps, with perhaps more to follow.

We are looking for maps similar in style to these

Countryside -

City Map -

At the moment we are looking to produce a map of Luccini, deep on the western coast of the Tilean Penninsula, a rough version of the coastal map of the city is here - http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v153/mibmgd/?action=view&current=luccini.jpg

We are looking to add this map to a black and white PDF but an additional colour version should be available. We currently have several areas of the city that need detailing and this will be the pattern for any future cities

For Copyright purposes the artist can add the map to his portfolio while I will retain the right to add the map to any projects relating to Tilea

Hope someone can help :)