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02-02-2014, 03:57 PM
Here is the place to suggest or discuss the templates for future use:

I will start with a template for countries. It comes in two parts. The first is a quick description on some aspects of the country. The second is more lengthy description that goes into more details. These are just ideas in order to make a good template. I have figured out that not every information is useful and it's also important to know how to communicate that information. For example: I think it's better to talk about the GDP using qualitative descriptors than numbers.

I know it's messy but I tried to include many ideas and I was not sure as for what words are better to use (partly because I speak french).

First part:

Name : and gentilic
Region: Location in the world
Moto :
Other name: (if any)

Superficie (from French) in English, I don’t know which one is better :Area, surface, land ?
Population: number and composition regarding culture and race
Culture: main culture, accepted culture and other cultures present in the country
Languages: (is often the same thing as culture but not always)
Faith: (faith also includes beliefs that are not religious like Confucianism)

Politic: name, system and regime,
Current ruler:
Political party (if applicable)

Technological level :
Economy : GDP total or per capita (quantitative or qualitative : very low, low, average, high, very high. Currency
Production: list of goods
Importation: list of goods (and where they come from)
Exportation: list of goods (and where they are going)

Other ideas :
Traits :
military orientation : militaristic, peaceful, neutrality
economic orientation: Free trade, protectionism, self-sufficiency, interventionism, state capitalism, mercantilism, free market
Religious orientation: intolerant, state religion, tolerant, secular…
Social traits: xenophobic, conservative, liberal, multiculturalism
Foreign policy: imperialism, non interventionism, hermit…

second part:

Geographic features: geology, topography, hydrography
Climate: rainfalls...
Political subdivision : provinces, duchies, regions, states…
Travel/communication: roads

Cultures: languages, religions, social classes, customs
Locations: cities, temple…

Folklore and legend
Actualities/adventure hook, (Rumor and intrigue)


Politics: Government, Important organizations, Important characters, Foreign relations
Law : concerning magic, slavery…

other templates:

what else ???

02-03-2014, 05:08 AM
Some additions to the above template would be "Social classes" which list the classes of that nation, "Calendar" which tells us what kind of calendar system, if any, the nation officially relies on and "Climate" which defines the general climate of the nation and perhaps also annual rainfall. Rainfall may of course be unequally divided annually but is a good indicator of what agricultural possibilities exists.