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02-03-2014, 02:13 AM
Cragshead Lighthouse stands at the mouth of a river; it is both a navigational aid and a fortress intended to help stop raiding ships run up the river. Unfortunately it's recently been sacked, and people have been sent to investigate.

It's kind of modelled after the lighthouse at Alexandria, which had several large floors and then smaller floors above them leading to the light:

The base level of the lighthouse is surrounded by a large walled plaza which has been flooded. In my campaign, a couple of giant squids accosted the party and attempted to drag them under. The first floor of the light is a garrison floor where soldiers keep watch, which was infested by some giant crabs. There's a flooded basement below (not mapped):


The second floor was formerly a mess hall and kitchen, but the former residents were found slaughtered. There was also a humanoid fish-man, who was scared to death and had barricaded the stairs above against intrusion:


The third floor was the soldier's sleeping quarters:


The fourth floor was a chapel, wherein it was discovered that the priest and another resident had become zombies:


02-03-2014, 02:18 AM
Floor 5 is the quarters for sergeants, but also contains ballistae used for sea defense when needed:

The sixth floor is the final full-size floor, and is where the captain of the guard and his first lieutenant have their semi-private quarters:

The seventh floor is the former quarters of the lighthouse keeper, who's also become a zombie:

Floor 8 is the former library and chart-room, with books and nautical charts strewn about after the sacking:

The 9th floor is an artillery room for crossbowmen, and contains the stairs up to the light itself (not mapped)

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All modelled in maptool, with CC-sharealike licensed icons. Feel free to distribute under that license.

Is this an appropriate post for this forum? Should I post more buildings/dungeons like this?