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02-08-2014, 06:50 AM
I've just set up a GitHub respository (https://github.com/RichardProsser/kriegsspiel) to implement an online version of Kriegsspiel (http://kriegsspiel.org.uk/index.php/articles/origins-history-of-kriegsspiel/3-origins-of-the-kriegsspiel), which is a kind of wargame involving umpires and maps.

To support that, I set up another one (https://github.com/RichardProsser/python-openmeetings) to develop a Python/Jython API for OpenMeetings, as Python is my favourite programming lanaguage; I don't do Java, which is the language used for OM.

I've done plenty of coding in my time but not much design and these are my first-ever Open Source contributions. So I would welcome any assistance at this stage, particularly as the Kriegsspiel implementation will require some Ajax or the like, which I have little experience of. In that respect it is possible that Python may not be required, which would be a shame as I like it!

In particular, I'm not sure what software packages are available to support the manipulation of sprites (unit icons) or to conduct line-of-sight calculations for example, so if anyone from this community can help I would be very grateful.

Please accept my apologies if such issues have already been addressed elsewhere on this site - I have looked - but I wasn't sure what search terms to use.

Thanks ...