View Full Version : [Unpaid] Fantasy world map

02-08-2014, 04:50 PM
Hello! I'm working on an extensive science fantasy setting for several short stories, and being terrible at fantasy maps I'd very much like it if someone could help me map the setting. This does not pay immediately, but if I ever publish the map or a derivative work of it with a work of fiction the cartographer will get a cut of whatever I get for it.

The world in question, insofar as it has a name, is generally known as Hume, its inhabitants being human; terrible, I know, but this is post-apocalyptic science fantasy, so everything is distorted racial memory. It's about Earth-sized, and consists mainly of cold desert - in this desert are large interspersed lakes surrounded by somewhat less arid (though still cold as a witch's teat) grasslands and forests, and occasionally mountains at the edge. It was originally settled by the crew and passengers of a stranded interstellar liner after an apocalyptic event of some kind, and the stories mostly take place around a thousand years after this.

The particular maps I'm requesting should be fairly large and detailed, showing towns, rivers, forests, etc. within single lake basins; I'm reluctant to disclose much about the particulars in public, as they've never been published anywhere, but contact me via PM or through starchild.johansson005 [at] gmail.com, and I'll happily provide all the details I've got (I should perhaps say that part of the job is to make stuff up to fill in my blanks).

Since I've no intention of immediately publishing the maps I'll say "simple but stylish" is the guideline. They should look fairly modern, but still contain fantasy elements such as mountains drawn as actual peaks and the like, to go with the science fantasy theme.

I haven't really got any requirements for the exact size or file type, nor is there a time frame. The important thing here is that the map shows what I need it to show and that your creative process isn't impeded by a deadline.