View Full Version : [Paid - Taken] Commission for Sword and Sorcery Story

02-13-2014, 01:43 AM
Hello all, my name is Ben Adelman, and I'm a writer. At least, I'm attempting to be, anyway. I'm writing a sword and sorcery type of book set in a world I created for it called the Twin Kingdoms. I find myself in need of at the very least a visual reference in order to keep track of place names, and distances as well as the various topographies, however, a monkey smearing his own excrement on the walls of his cage at the zoo has more artistic talent than I do.
So, the logical solution, as explained to me by a friend that actually can draw, is that if you need a map, go to the map people. And here I am. I'm looking for someone willing to draw a map in their own style of the land based on a set of general guidelines I lay out, with great artistic license to do the rest of it however you like. And I would be willing to pay for it. If interested, please contact me at yankeecrazy9@yahoo.com with a sample of your prior work.


02-21-2014, 11:04 AM
Thank you everyone for your responses, I have the position filled now.