View Full Version : AdventureAWeek.comís Mapmaster Contest

02-16-2014, 02:25 AM
For anyone interested, adventureaweek.com has just begun an open cartographic 'Mapmaster' contest. Here is the description:

What is Mapmaster?

Mapmaster is a cartography contest open to graphic designers and artists everywhere!
If you have the chops and the skills needed to put together amazing, detailed maps, then roll initiative! Take a look at our contest guidelines and put together a basic concept map (with low detail that exhibits your design expertise) for the first round of judging.

The second phase of Mapmaster will test your technical skills, pitting your talents against that of your peers with a detailed map for inclusion in an upcoming AdventureAWeek.com module!

You can find more details about the contest, its prizes and rules for entry at their site here (http://adventureaweek.com/contest-enter-adventureaweek-coms-mapmaster-contest/).

02-17-2014, 11:36 AM
The contest sounds cool. I have worked with AdventureAWeek before, and it was a good experience. Unfortunately, I have to much going on right now to enter, but it would be a good chance for anyone interested in getting their maps published.