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02-16-2014, 06:01 PM

I'm Silver, and I am very new to mapping. I wear many hats - I've been a larper, console gamer, and a lover of tabletop games but I have recently added a new hat - Dungeon Master! I dropped my PCs into an entire world of my own creation and subsequently found myself doing something I've never done - making lots and lots of maps. I sought help from google (naturally) and came upon this awesome site. I started out hand-drawing my maps a few weeks ago, but quickly moved over to GIMP after realizing I'd taken on way too big of a task for being a complete beginner.

I have a wispy type of background in art - I went to a fine arts high school and majored in sculpture but now I work in the tech field. I still draw and sculpt from time to time and have dabbled very sparingly with programs like gimp to finish up drawings. I'm working on a few maps (my main campaign world, major capital city, the city's palace, and the city's temple) right now, and hope to post to the appropriate WIP threads soon. I hope to learn everything I can from being a member here and I'm very excited to learn this new skill!

02-19-2014, 04:43 AM
Welcome to the Guild silverbonds! You've come to the right place to refine those cartographic skills. There are GIMP tutorials aplenty here. Feel free to start a WIP thread to show off any of your current projects. This is a good way to receive constructive feedback.


02-19-2014, 12:41 PM
This might be an off-sounding question - but I (tried) to start a WIP thread over in regional/world mapping and it gave me a notice that it had to be approved before posting - is there a way to see your own posts that haven't been approved? I started it Sunday night if the time reference means anything.

Right after posting this I figured out how to tell how many posts I have and are visible... but this wasn't approved so I couldn't edit it to say I figured it out! :D