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02-16-2014, 07:41 PM
Hi all! My name is Tex Thompson, and this is my book:

61487 (http://www.thetexfiles.com/p/works.html)

It's coming out in July from Solaris, and I am super excited. How excited, you ask? SO excited that I would like to commission a map for the interior!

As you can see, it's a fantasy Western novel, and I'd really like a map that shows the layout of the town. (It ended up significantly more European-looking on the cover than in the story this would actually be more similar to a New Mexican town in the 1860's.)

What I'm looking for is actually a map in two parts:

1. A black-and-white drawing of an island town, similar to this one in style :


The buildings would be western, not New England-derived, but I can provide references for those.

2. On top of this black-and-white map, I need some overlaid "scribbles" as if a person has taken the printed map and literally drawn over it. Some parts are scribbled out, and a couple of new shapes/buildings have been roughly drawn in. (This part should not be involved or elaborate - very quick, crude-looking graffiti.)

I can provide:
--visual references for general building styles
--specifics for the few important landmarks
--labels for major streets and buildings
--a rough top-down sketch of the town layout, with important features marked

I'm looking for someone who is:
--experienced with historical mapmaking (I really want this to look like something you could have pulled out of somebody's desk in 1863 relatively period-accurate styles and fonts are important to me)
--available for some backing and forthing during the drafting process. (I am not going to micromanage or eat your life, I promise I just want to make sure that we get to a good, finished product without any wasted effort.)
--able to provide examples of past work

Terms of the job are:

--I'm offering $500 (negotiable*), paid half on signing and half on delivery of the finished product

*willing to revise upward if what we eventually agree on is appreciably more involved than this initial posting I'll need to talk with you more about the specifics

--I need this finished by March 31st, and will want to work with you to plan reasonable milestones along the way. (It's possible that we will have longer than that, but I can't commit to that yet.)

--I'm looking to retain full copyright for this map, including the exclusive right to sell reproductions and derivative works, though I'd be glad for you to keep non-commercial reproduction and display rights (and possibly receive some commission on products derived from your work again, something to discuss.)

--I don't know exactly what I need in terms of resolution and file format. The map will be printed for mass-market paperback, in black and white, B format in the UK (130mm x 198mm) and A format in the US (110mm x 178mm). However, I'm interested in using this artwork for other purposes as well I'd appreciate your advice on best practices to use to make this work as versatile as possible.

Please contact me with questions! Tex at thetexfiles.com

02-19-2014, 03:03 PM
Wow - what a great response! At this point, I have plenty of excellent applicants to choose from - please consider this job Taken.