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02-18-2014, 12:21 AM
Is it possible with Xara to create vertical lines in a shape? Think of the white house dome, but from a top down view. I am trying to create some domes in my maps that have an effect much like that. I know with the contour tool I can create a dome with horizontal lines, but is there a way to do it with vertical lines?

I was getting some great help from Gamerprinter in my original topic "best program to redraw an existing map". I figured I would continue that thread and start a new thread in regards to using Xara. Which is an awesome program btw. And easy to use. Though I have had some experience with vectoring in Illustrator and using CC2 (back in the old days).


02-18-2014, 02:15 AM
I kind have answered this question on the Talkgraphics forum for you - you have to fake it, is the solution. Another solution, which I didn't think of that board. Copy your circle shape you are using for a a top down dome, change its color (lighter if you can, otherwise darker). Combine/Slice it into equal pie cuts with lines of some width 0.5 or wider. If you used a rounded bevel on your dome shape to imply the dome shape surface shadow, you can apply a Stained-Glass transparency on the cut shape, that will allow the shadow surface of the dome beneath to show through, and thus imply your dome with verticle lines. Understand?

02-18-2014, 02:31 AM
Here's a rough tutorial of the above solution.

Step #1: light gray circle with a full rounded bevel applied.

Step #2: copy circle, apply a lighter shade of gray. Create 1 point line, rotate + Ctrl, to keep equal spaced rotations. Convert lines to shape, then Combine/Add shapes to one shape.

Step #3: with your copied circle selected, select the line shape, then Combine/Subtract the line shape from the circle resulting in a sliced pie shape.

Step #4: place your sliced circle directly on top of the other dome shadow circle.

Step #5: apply a Transparency/Stained-Glass onto the sliced circle for this result.

You can vary the width of the lines and change the colors/shades of the circles for slightly different results... understand?