View Full Version : [Paid] Fantasy map for a game

02-19-2014, 03:41 AM
Hello to everybody,

i'm looking for a cartographer in order to develop for our game a fantasy map. the game is a classical fantasy game you can find some references here:

Dragon Throne War - A Fantasy Strategy Game (http://www.dragonthronewar.com)

I have in mind a classical style with a size that is similar to LOTRings, in which we have a central area (where the main plot is developed) and the surroundings that are more misterious, to leave imagination open for new adventures.

this refence is a good one, because there is enough details and a very good graphic style. For example the GoT map is also very nice but no details about forests or other things (rivers, lakes), etc



my email is alberto@dragonthronewar.com

please contact me if you are interested

thanks and regards