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02-19-2014, 10:40 AM
Dave here from Oconto, WI.
I make Daleks...the Travel Machine carrying an alien squiddgy
from the planet Skaro, far far away (Doctor Who, of course).

What quite connects here is - to comiserate with others
whom have simular interests in the mapping of Planet Skaro
along with its associated GIS Mapping schemas.

Actually, my being here is two fold....
Several years back the agency: ESA, boasted making
"Hiker's Maps for the Planet Mars".
I literally adored them because it agreed to the senses of a human.
And, not a rocket scientist.
A real and proper Map to allow the venturer to physically purvey and
perceive a plan-of-action, by which to fullfil their mission being
there in the first place....simple.

Since Mars is being unindated with every "expert's version" of
mapping the red planet represented in every form of tech-no-cratic quintescence";
The simpler, human friendly version is probably what's best suited.
You know...for humans?

Anywho - this is the style of Map best desired for the planet Skaro.
Even a Dalek could read it and comfotably subjugate a world.
That's what they do....lol

Attached, is an original rough map of Skaro from the mid-60s
I am hoping, this forum uploaded it properly.

Iin a previous life, I'd self learned the rating of Quartermaster in the Navy,
covering the many aspects of celestial navigation, chartings and the Rudders.
Of course, nowadays, our digital evolement of anything map makes everyone
secure in their place inthe universe.
Except for how they can tringulate their position.
( that was funny )

A pleasure to be here and look forward to a good rappore.

02-20-2014, 03:07 AM
Hi Dave, welcome to the Guild! Unfortunately the link does not seem to be working properly, care to try again? I've seen a few maps of mars floating around here that may be of interest to you (you'll have to do a search for them though).