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03-04-2014, 09:38 AM

my name is Joerg. I am living near Munich, Germany and have been on cartographersguild from time to time before.
It is always an inspiration with so many ideas and great art work all around.

To keep things short I was looking for a mapping tool and because of the DM sale on RPGnow I needed some information
about Fractal Mapper, which I found (thanks to Mark Oliva). I was close buying Campaign Cartographer, but I think for my
first steps in mapping FM8 will certainly fit my interests in designing a new Pathfinder campaign outside of Golarion. Gimp is
always a pain in the back for me and after watching the tutorials of FM the tool seems manageable and not so complicated
as CC3 (hopefully).

I am 44 years old, married and have a strong interest in RPG, especially Pathfinder and D & D. Others are cycling
and my favourite football club Borussia Mönchengladbach. The rest of my days I am working as a social media manager
and I am always searching for the best dark dwarven beer on earth, which I am very close to right now, with one
of the best Bavarian breweries right around the corner.

Have a good one everybody

03-08-2014, 02:18 AM
Welcome to the guild thingoin!