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Ironheart Silva
03-09-2014, 04:17 PM
Hi all!

This is my first attempt [and a WIP] at a regional map for a kingdom from the continent of Midderus in my fictional world of Elandaria.

[Below is a bit of context/subtext of the kingdom]

The Thorns is one of the constituent regions of Midderus and was once part of the sovereign kingdom of E'althemar before the consolidation of the War of Shadows. The region covers the entire area north of the Storm Hills and south of the Vǫr­rfell. The Thorns has been ruled by House Greyscar for thousands of years after overthrowing their previous liege lords, House Jarnos. They rule from the castle known as Ironfell. Other notable houses of the region include Wolfborn of Wolfcastle, Horntower of the Horntower, Harrowheart of the Mercy Fort, Dourspear of Drumburn Bridge and Stormhorn of Harrowtown. The border between the Thorns and the Mirelands is often disputed as House Dourspear's allegiance changes with every passing major war. It's believed they often reside with the winning side.


The Thorns is vast in size. It is the largest of the kingdoms in Midderus. The region is sparsely populated, with vast wilderness, forests, pine-covered hills and snow-capped mountains, speckled with tiny villages and holdfasts. Its climate is cold and harsh in winter and occasionally it will snow in summer.

The Thons has two major land barriers. First, to the north is the Vǫr­rfell, home of the Aegis Order who defend its northern border from the unearthly threat beyond the Mountains That Ward. Second, to the south is the Iron Forge. This treacherous slop of jagged rocks makes for a formidable defence mechanism against the southern kingdoms as it overlooks the only causeway through and protects it from invasion. Situated at the north of the Stormwood, enemies are left with barely any room to coordinate an attack and are left to the mercy of the northerners. It is here the Storm Kings that abandoned the Rassai Freehold held off the southern invasions as they sought to claim Midderus (before eventually surrendering and agreeing to protect the realm from unearthly forces).

The Thorns is bound on each side by major seas, the Sea of Wight to the east and the Mistral Sea to the west. Scattered along the eastern and western shores are numerous islands, both inhabited and uninhabited. The Flayed Fork of the Iron Trident runs through the west of the Thorns past the Mercy Fort which allows for trade with the rest of Midderus.

Notable Locations

Ironfell: The legendary ancestral castle of House Greyscar carved into the largest peak of the Iron Mountains. It was built to be impregnable.

The Iron Forge: A rocky slope extending from mountains north of Rivenwood in the Mirelands to the Storm Hills in the east. It slopes steeply up from Ironfell and it is the major defence of the northern kingdom. This causeway was the primary defence of the Storm Kings during the War of Shadows and was used to secure the Thorns.

Vǫr­rfell: A colossal mountain range with Twelve Towers aligning the south of the Mountains That Ward. They are the lands of the Aegis Order, a circle of priests, warriors and rangers pledged to defending the southern kingdoms of Midderus.

Let me know what you think!

03-09-2014, 04:35 PM
I like it a lot. Are those Star Raven's brushes for mountains and forests?
I hope you'll show us the rest of the world as well.

Care to tell us a bit about Elandaria?

Ironheart Silva
03-09-2014, 04:40 PM
Thanks for your feedback!

I can't remember where I got the brush pack for the mountains and forests I'm afraid.

I've posted a bit about the Kingdom of the Thorns, if you want more information about the world of Elandaria from my books I suggest you stay tuned! Haha.

03-09-2014, 04:49 PM
Yes, these are the brushes of Star Raven.

03-10-2014, 09:27 AM
I like the map, but my eyeball is drawn to a couple river merges that are near to or are 90 degree mergers. As a hand drawn style, that doesn't bug me overly much, but it is something to consider. From the map, I'm not entirely sure what the rivers east of Ironwood are doing.