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03-10-2014, 07:21 PM

I want to commission a map of the United States that includes geographic boundaries, major cities, all United States Coast Guard Stations (I will provide the names and coordinates) and some geographic markers like major rivers. We want the map to be visually unique and hope to achieve this through color, fonts and some illustration or icons. The scale I am thinking of is 1:5,429,000. The dimensions needed are 24x36'' and it is required for print. I am hoping to have the map completed by June although this is very flexible. I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain.

Below are some of the aesthetic inspirations I am thinking of:



Please feel free to contact me directly at cnlambe---AT---gmail--DOT--com.


I look forward to hearing from you soon,


Micah Doulos
03-10-2014, 08:50 PM
Hi Christina, I won't be your map's maker, but I wanted to let you know that the first file you linked to is really small and is very hard to see. I don't know if you meant for it to be so small. If not, I just wanted to let you know that you can upload files to this forum and embed the map directly into the thread. Good to hear from the Coast Guard, I hope you find what you're looking for! - Micah

03-13-2014, 04:46 AM
It sounds like an interesting project, but I do not know if I have the chops to pull it off, frankly.