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03-11-2014, 10:06 PM
Backstory: The "realm" of Eane is consistent of seven subworlds that do not exist in the same physical realm, but do exist in the same physicality - if that makes any sense. This is a fantasy world and each of the subworlds have associated elements... consequently, the worlds do not abide by standard laws of existence. There's an element of artistic license with the way the worlds work - that said, I want them to have an equal sense feasibility, despite everything. Their symbolic existence is their literal existence, and this is reflected in the naming of each subworld.

#6: Arobanpyr (Numbered for myself since I have a consistent organization.)
Elements: Water, Fire (assumed Earth...naturally)


As far as the map goes, I spent a lot of time designing the overall look of it because I can reuse it for the other six subworlds (some of which have more than one layer... more on that later, when applicable). I want something that feels modern but also has that classic fantasy book feel to it. Not sure if I'm quite at the sweet spot yet, but I'm very happy with the progress of things.

In terms of the map itself, I've been playing around with the mountains, ice, grass and forest elements. There are very specific reasons why everything is where it is - mostly dictated by story, but also by "symbolism" - for instance the Frost Palace should be around a helluva lot of ice.

(By the way all the names of cities and buildings and such are super temporary... more as an easy way for me to remember than what they're actually going to end up being...)

I'm having a hard time getting all the pieces to blend the way I want them to, so that even though the elements may be crudely compiled (as is the nature of illogical physics), they still look aesthetically pleasing and purposeful. I'm also unsure of how to represent the volcanic peaks...

In terms of scale, the 30 miles marker is probably fairly accurate - but I've never been good at understanding mountains, so if you feel like I'm radically off in either direction, please do let me know.

Anyways, this is like the first map I've ever made that isn't a terrible pencil doodle for a new Pokemon region (#UncouthYouth), so thoughts and advice are all greatly appreciated!

03-12-2014, 12:01 AM
I'm pretty new so my reply is just an observation. :)

Firstly, I love your trees/forests! They're gorgeous. Second, mountains look like they could use some variations - they all look about the same size to me. Even in a fantasy setting, uniformity is rare. Thirdly, the ice needs to be a bit more white, if that makes sense.

Thats all. Looking forward for more development.

03-12-2014, 08:11 PM
Thanks for the feedback anomander! Greatly appreciated and welcome to the boards. I too am new. Newbies together! Haha.

Anyways, I went back and tinkered with the mountain ranges. I've gone at them again and I'm much happier with how they turned out. I also got rid of the hideous green I tried to use for the grass, and just left the land light tan as it was originally. Consequently I tried to make the color of the forests a little less bright green to fit into that semi-monochromatic coloring style... I dunno. It's still most definitely not what I want it to be, but I am much happier with how it is. Hmm... What next?


fabio p
03-13-2014, 07:39 AM
I like the color scheme of the map, the latter version, in my opinion, being better than the first.
Now the things that leaves me more puzzled at the time: first, the shape of the continents: it seems extremely unnatural; unless there’s a specific reason for that shape, of course.
That said, I see a “N” and a “S” on the map. Do they represent north and south? And is this an entire emisphere of a world, as it would appear from the circular shape surrounding what looks like the continents and ocean? That’s not clear, given also the scale (only 30 miles?) that’s indicating that from an end of this world, to the other end, there’s approximately only a 150 miles distance. Features consistency and cleanliness are fundamental especially when depicting an elaborate and complex world like the one you whant to showcase, so do not be afraid to abound with details and explanations to put in the map so that readability is not hindered or misunderstood.
As for the colour blending of the various physical features of the world I think you’re doing a good job; don’t forget to put some river\lakes in; as you’re showing forests, mountains etc, you should also draw the hydrography of your world.