View Full Version : [Paid] Looking for 3-4 fantasy maps for an RPG module.

03-14-2014, 10:40 AM
Hi there!

I've got a D&D-style fantasy module that needs a few maps. I'm looking for B&W/Grayscale and probably 1/2 page in size (≈4" x 7"). I'd like something stylized, but readable for gameplay. The maps would consist of:

1) An overland map showing the lands between a small town and a valley (the location of the adventure)

2) A more detailed map of the vally where the monster makes its lair. It would include terrain –including some noteworthy geographic features (e.g. a small waterfall and a vineyard)– as well as a few structures.

3) The cave ("dungeon") where the monster lives. A few chambers connected by tunnels.

4) A blasted landscape representing a demiplane of hell. Dead trees with a few keyed areas placed within the "woods."

We (Faster Monkey Games) are happy to pay for artists' work, but we would need them within a few weeks. We are also a small indie shop, so our budget is not unlimited. ;)

If anyone is interested, reply here or email me or PM me here. You can reach me via admin AT fastermonkeygames DOT com

Thanks much!

03-17-2014, 05:52 AM
Thanks to all that emailed me! I've found someone for the maps. I will definitely keep all the contact info I received from everyone, as there is a lot of talent out there for other projects as well.