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03-23-2014, 04:19 PM
I'm interested in having a town map created - it would be for use on my wiki, and I would be happy to name the creator, link to his/her site, etc...

The map would be for a town called Laston: "the capitol of Westfar County, this small town is the last community on the northwest edge of Greenvale. It is located at the only easy crossing of the Eagle River, which soon joins the Westron River, Greenvale's western border. This caravan town is small but prosperous, for the road going north from here links Greenvale to both Tallowsland and eventually Avenvole. Pop 3,800." (this is the only text I have on my wiki thus far).

The town is rough, fairly new (has been here in its current form for less than 50 years, though it may easily have been built on old ruins from a previous town, which could have been much larger), is mostly surrounded by old-growth forest, and fairly rugged hills (think the Appalachians). It might have a partial wall; again, this is likely to be ancient. The Eagle river crossing could be a ford, but I'd prefer a bridge. The Westron river crossing is definitely a bridge, an ancient one.

Laston is the county seat, and should therefore have either a manor house and estate or a small keep as the Countess' residence. The population of the town is mostly human, with a smattering of half-elves and halflings. Dwarves, elves and other races are rare enough that they need not be caonsidered for mapping purposes.

You can see a map of Greenvale (my best mapping ability thus displayed!) here: Vishteer Campaign / GreenVale (http://vishteercampaign.pbworks.com/w/page/10036277/GreenVale)

Laston is located in the upper left corner of Greenvale... note that the Eagle/Westfar rivers are navigable, and traffic does flow to the north/west along the river for some distance...

If anyone would draw up such a town for me, I'd be thrilled! Even if it is just something you already have done that I could use, I'd be very happy!

Oh, and I can be reached at my username at yahoo.com