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03-25-2014, 04:51 PM
We recently released the Open Alpha of our HTML5, location-aware, lightweight RPG - "TakeOver - the World". The game uses Google Maps API and geolocation to place your tent on the map. Hex tiles are flipped with your every move as you reveal the story world. The fairy tale terrain is permanent and ubiquous for all players, the NPCs and drops are procedurally generated.

We're in need of Alpha Testers, and I'd really appreciate you taking the time to play and send us some feedback or submit some bugs :)

You can play on any device: takeover.to (http://takeover.to)

In TakeOver, the Red Emperor, an evil dude, has hidden the story world underneath a thing called reality. You and your Facebook friends become knights and ladies, and your major quest is to rediscover the story world by doing RPG stuff like defeating the Red Emperorís Non-Player Characters to loot treasure chests and levelling up. Near future development plans include owning hex cell, taking over hex cells from others, and teaming up in clans to dominate the World.

A couple of screenshots of the grid:

Please share your thoughts on any issue you find relevant.

Many thanks!

PS: if you send us an email (mailto:feedback@takeover.to), we'll send back a 100 Gems voucher :)

03-27-2014, 06:28 AM
Sorry, I haven't been active on this community before, was this the wrong category to post under?

There must've been some impressions in 92 views... :?:

06-14-2014, 12:24 PM
We've just released a major update containing new PvP features:
+ takeover (occupy) hex cells, permanently on the World map, visible by others
+ defend and reinforce owned cells by dropping minions in them
+ visit dropped minions regularly to increase their morale and prevent them from fleeing
+ takeover hex cells from others by dropping minions over the course of a 24h siege (battles auto-solve similar to PvE)
+ rally friends to help you in battles and have them drop minions in cells under siege
+ join battles (choosing defender/attacker's side) by dropping minions and loot rewards if victorious
+ travel between owned cells or cells in which you are engaged in conflict

+ ability to register with email (not only Facebook)
+ in-game notification system for all major PvP in-game events
+ email notifications for all major PvP in-game events
+ button to hide the virtual map, temporarily showing the underlying city map
- removed the annoying tutorial
* changed the loot system to opt for XP or Coins
* tweaked the economy and progression flow
* numerous bug fixes and UI/UX improvements


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Waiting for your feedback, hope you'll enjoy it!